Exotic Ballet Photo Shoot in Brussels

October 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


During August, I was in Brussels with my daughter who was attending a ballet summer school. The first day she went to the summer school, one of the other mothers and I took a metro into the city to explore the old town. We noticed a very elaborate looking hotel, called "Mozart Hotel". As we walked along, a friendly gentleman began taking to us. He proceeded to tell us that he owned Mozart Hotel and insisted we accompany him back there as he wanted to show us around. It is an incredibly eclectic place, intensely decorated in a combination of Muslim and Baroque style. The friendly owner, proudly showed us photographs of his tennis-player son. Since he was so open, I asked if we could return that evening with our ballet-dancing daughters to take photographs. He was delighted with the idea, so we used his hotel as a background for these photos.

There were a lot of limitations including trying to keep out of the way of guests, trying to take photos without the guest 'audience' in the shots, the small interior space and of course the lack of light in the downstairs foyer. Despite those aspects, we had an absolutely wonderful time.


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