Seeing Light Through the Camera

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Dancers in BrusselsDancers in BrusselsBallet dancer portrait, Bernadette Meyers, Hinckley, Leicestershire photographer

Dancers in Brussels

As photographers, we are quite obsessed by light. We look for just the right quality of light, soft light, hard light, side light, front light, back light etc. We try to control light with reflectors, diffusers and flags. But what about capturing the light from within a person. That is the biggest challenge and can't be done with clever techniques, Photoshop or expensive equipment.

Ducks in sunlightDucks in sunlight

Light and shadow are what create atmosphere and mood. Everyone enjoys watching sun dancing on water. 

sun sparkling on watersun sparkling on waterabstract photo of sun sparkling on water

Sparkles amongst the reeds

sunlight through daffodil leavessunlight through daffodil leavesnature photography, Bernadette Meyers

Daffodil Leaves

Tulip - Keukenhof Gardens, Holland

Backlight is my favourite light - I love the way it reveals or conceals. If the subject is transparent, it reveals it's inner secrets, if it is solid, it creates a silhouette to hide the details.

Paris streetParis streetSunny street in Paris


Paris afternoon sceneParis afternoon sceneParis, Bernadette Meyers, photographer

Alexander III Bridge, Paris

Sunlight even makes the city look pretty - well, I guess Paris is pretty even in the rain.

Marble sculptureMarble sculptureLouvre

Sculpture - Louvre

Then there is the way light falls on the human form. Soft window light is so flattering.

Friends PortraitFriends Portraitfriends portrait by Bernadette Meyers, Hinckley, Leicestershire photographer

These pictures were taken on a gloriously bright morning. I love the way even when the subjects turn away, their friendship still shines through.

Friends in the sunFriends in the sunPortrait photographer Bernadette Meyers, Hinckley, Leicestershire

The window light here was coming from above, and simply gorgeous. However, I think it is the light shining from within this lovely girl which really makes the portrait beautiful. 

Ballet dancer head shotBallet dancer head shotBallet dancer portrait, Bernadette Meyers photographer




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