Are you looking for fresh, unique portrait photos? Do you need headshot images for your website, social media profiles or dance/acting audition applications? Would you like to work with a photographer who will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture confident, approachable looking photographs of you? I would love to be the one!

I am a photographer and artist living on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches with my husband and our daughter who is a ballet dancer. Our life is filled with art, nature and dance.


My father was a photographer and picture-framer, so from as early as I can remember, I have been surrounded by pictures. He grew up in Fiji, living in a grass hut and spear-fishing. He was always very forward thinking and progressive. I'm still amazed to consider that even though he had minimal formal education, he built his own dark-room enlarger because there was no local photographic supply store. 

After leaving school, I studied fine art, majoring in printmaking, design and photography. For the past 25 years, I have been working with various mediums, mostly etching, watercolour and collage. Making pictures with the camera has continued to be a passion, though not my first priority until a couple of years ago.


things i love

going places with my family, nature, horses, our dog Coconut the One Eyed Wonder Dog, art, travel, food, details, birds, animals, windmills, tulips, seed pods, feathers, branches, my ballerina daughter, lettering, old books, lace, thatched roofs, the beach, gum trees, flowers....... really: anything beautiful

some of my artwork

Bernadette Meyers - artist & photographer. Collaroy - Northern Beaches, Sydney 0432 731 488