Pink Tulip

Each Spring, when I was a child, my Auntie May and Uncle Les took me to the Tulip Festival in Bowral. From as far back as I can remember, I have loved tulips and all things Dutch. The first time I visited Holland and Keukenhof Gardens was 1991. I’ve had the opportunity to go there three times now. Even the last time, I was completely overcome with awe for over an hour. Almost unable to breathe because of the overwhelming beauty of the flowers. It truly is one of the modern wonders of the world!

Brightly coloured flowering bulbs for as far as the eye can see, the gorgeous scent of hyacinths, delicate daffodil petals and enough tulips to satisfy even the most ardent admirer. I have many, many photos from Keukenhof Gardens to share. This collection is an intimate view of pink tulips.

Vintage Hydrangeas

I came across a very well worn copy of Beeton’s “All About Gardening” - A Dictionary of Garden Work, in the vintage bookstore inside the old church in Hinckley town where I lived for a couple of years in the UK. It was one of my favourite places to visit in the town because there were squirrels in the churchyard and they would come over to me if I gave them pieces of biscuit from my bag. The bookstore had plenty of lovely old books for £1 or £2 and I used to rummage through finding all sorts of treasures. Sometimes I would buy them just for the pretty end papers or gold embossing on the binding.

These hydrangeas are a particularly old variety, which I believe are known as “Heritage”. Their tiny petals and delicate pastel hues have a perfectly vintage mood. Almost everyone I speak to seems to remember hydrangeas growing in their grandmother’s garden. I felt the yellowed pages of Beeton’s book paired well with the blue flowers.


Magnolia Study

I photographed some flowers for a job one day and the following morning awoke to the petals of the magnolias filled with stamens. It was an incredible sight! The way the petals delicately cup the masses of stamens, holding them out like a beautiful gift offering. 


They begged to be photographed again. This time with a few vintage garden props. I have some lovely ancient terracotta pots from an antique store in Oxfordshire and then remembered the vintage copy of Beeton’s “All About Gardening” that I picked up in a charity store. So I had a glorious morning arranging flowers and petals and other bits into creamy wonderlands. It is a joyful experience to spend time really observing the forms, shapes, textures and subtle colours of a single bloom.