Hand Spun Yarn and Loom Weights

craft photography Bernadette Meyers Sydney

If only our homes could be filled with beautiful, hand crafted items, made from traditional materials such as timber and pottery.

hand spun yarn with wooden knitting needles
hand spun wool with wooden knitting needles Bernadette Meyers craft photography

I came across these lovely pottery urns filled with hand spun wool, in a history museum in Barcelona. 

sheep field England travel photography Bernadette Meyers Breeze Pics

Watching sheep grazing in the English countryside, you can imagine slower days past when people sat quietly spinning, knitting and weaving.

wool skeins craft photography Bernadette Meyers

From a craft store window in Brugge.

loom weights photographer Bernadette Meyers

In the same museum, I saw these ancient loom weights. The stones and the way they hang are an artwork in themselves.

ancient loom weights
ancient loom weights photography Bernadette Meyers

This old woman was demonstrating weaving in an outdoor museum in Holland.

tradition weaving Holland travel photography Bernadette Meyers
untitled shoot-3683-Ed.jpg

Simple linen, soft drapes, beautiful light.

linen drape