High Key Ballerina Shoot for Maroc Jewellery

untitled shoot-9261-Edit-Edit.jpg

Maroc Luna necklace from The Jewel Collection

This week, I started shooting some images to showcase Maroc Jewellery with some of their fabulous statement necklaces. I have a few different looks planned for their jewellery pieces. 

untitled shoot-9283-Edit-Edit.jpg

For this first shoot, I wanted to create high key images with a ballet dancer model. The lovely girl has blonde hair and beautiful freckles, which was a perfect combination to work with using white and bright back and front lighting.

We used lots of light - backlight, front lights and reflectors everywhere to create an airy feel to the pictures. The jewellery is so ornate that I wanted to keep the rest of the image quite simple as a contrast. 

untitled shoot-9294-Edit.jpg
untitled shoot-9289-Edit.jpg

For these images, I used my Lensbaby for added movement and mood.

untitled shoot-9301-Edit.jpg

Rachael was a perfectly gorgeous model to work with.

untitled shoot-9251-Edit-Edit.jpg

Maroc Piumas feather necklace and bangle from the Minimal Gold Collection 

untitled shoot-9247-Edit.jpg

These delicate pieces are from the Minimal Gold Collection and are quite exquisite. Very different from the statement necklaces.

untitled shoot-9315-Edit-Edit-2.jpg

The folks at Maroc have been lovely to work with - visit Maroc Jewellery HERE to view and purchase from their unique range of statement pieces.

untitled shoot-9314-Edit.jpg