Last time our art group met, we began a discussion on the concept of ‘transition’ and how that could pan out in a series of artworks.

It could be transition from one period of life to another, or one location to another. Transition from light to dark, hard to soft, wet to dry, summer to autumn, day to night, doubt to faith or any number of things.


A theme which I often return to, is the tideline. The space between land and sea. It is special place between two worlds. A place where the busyness and sounds of the man-made world fade away and the sound of the wind, waves and sea birds take over. I love this place, it is my happy place. 


There is nothing more relaxing than wandering tidelines and collecting shells, driftwood, pebbles, feathers and other treasures.  The rhythm of the waves flowing in and out is soothing and there is something mesmerising about watching sunlight sparkling on the water. There are endless, beautiful patterns made by the ebb and flow of the water in the sand and delicate landscape etchings.


When we actually stop and look at simple things like individual pieces of sea weed, they are so beautiful - treasures from the deep, that mysterious, endless ocean.


The tideline is the transition space between land and the great, unfathomed deep. It speaks to me of a portal between the natural world and the spiritual world. The man made world is like the natural world and the ocean is this huge, endless place full of beauty, but also full of mystery like the spirit world. 


So, I have an ongoing project of exploring the tideline and would one day like to create a body of work based on this.


Join me over in the new Facebook group to chat about this and other art topics. Share your images, ideas and works in progress or if you live near the norther beaches in Sydney, come to our next group meeting.