A Walk in the Woods

When I lived in the UK, my favourite spot to escape to with my camera during the week, was the “common and woodland”. We lived in a midland town with not enough trees or birds to satisfy a girl who had moved from 27 acres of bushland.

The woods were my escape. There I could slow down and quietly spend time with the birds and plants. It was quite odd being unfamiliar with the vegetation varieties and I managed to get stung by nettles on more than one occasion (gently moving a leaf to take a photo of a beautiful curled up frond……OUCH!)

The contrast between the Australian and English landscape is chasmic. Our Aussie landscape is so strong, harsh, dramatic and bright and the English landscape so soft, gentle, quiet and understated. 

Man-made elements have been integrated into the English landscape for so many centuries that one doesn’t really ever know what is truly natural in the UK. Certainly, the local woodland was well trodden by both human and dog. It is normal to see planted hedges, stone walls, bridges, gates and styes. 

It often rained when I was walking, but again, I learned to take advantage of the  wonder of raindrops sparkling on leaves and the fresh smell of the damp earth. Of course, I always took my macro lens for those tiny details on the forest floor.

Now I’m back in Sydney, I still enjoy walks in the bush, but with entirely different vegetation, birds and scenery.

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