Succulent Inspired Artist Books

Succulent Book Bernadette Meyers

Succulents seem to be very popular plants - from the giant varieties we see in botanic gardens, to the delicate, miniature versions found in gift shops.

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When I was staying with a friend last year, I was trying with very little success to photograph Molly, her beautiful cat. She would sit in the sweetest poses, but as soon as I picked up the camera, she would dart off into the garden and hide. While waiting patiently for her to reappear, I spotted a couple of lovely little succulents on the outdoor table. They didn’t run off, so I photographed them.

Molly Bernadette Meyers photographer.jpg

Using the macro lens is a form of meditation for me. It gives me time to slow down and really dig deep into a subject. The colours of this particular plant are so delicate and subtle, but also varied.

CloseUpSucculent Bernadette Meyers photographer.jpg

For a recent exhibition at Eramboo Artist Environment, I created a series of artist books examining the details of the colours in natural objects. I used a photograph as a starting point and then simply enjoyed the process of seeing the colours in each treasure from nature.

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With regard to “artist book”, the term “book” is used loosely. It doesn’t mean the pages are bound in a traditional form. Artist books can be made of any material and displayed in any format. 

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For the front page of this book I stitched the photograph at the top and then made a watercolour wash of all the different colours in the plant. Then each subsequent page went into more detail on each of those colours.

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WatercolourDetail2 Bernadette Meyers .jpg
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I created small collages with papers of various textures which I stitched to the top of each page and filled the rest of the paper with water colour washes.

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SucculentRibbon Bernadette Meyers .jpg

The book was not bound, instead, the stack of leaves were tied together with gorgeous silk ribbons from my collection of hand dyed ribbons and threads.

SucculentSilkRibbons Bernadette Meyers .jpg

I find it such a joy to spend the time to really search out the details of natural objects and find all the beauty they hold.