A Breath of Fresh Air

Watercolour and poetry, Annette Kelsey

This week I want to share some inspiring art and poetry by my friend Annette Kelsey. We had two exhibitions together last year and these pictures are from The Creative Spirit exhibition in February. Annette is a poet and watercolour artist. Her work captures the essence of her experience. I've heard her say, referring to a blank sheet of watercolour paper; "Don't fill the space, feel the space". I think she applies that concept to her poetry as well as her artwork

Watercolour by Annette Kelsey

Annette published a book of her art and poetry in 2017, it is simply called "52" because she writes a poem every week. I highly recommend it. I tried to read one poem a week, but ended up having a bit of a binge and reading the whole lot one night. 

“52”, Poetry and Watercolour Fine Art Book, Annette Kelsey
Reflections of Watercolour and Poetry, Annette Kelsey

It's impossible to choose a couple of favourite poems to share here, so I've picked these two randomly. They are all excellent!


A voice is in the clear blue sky
and in the rolling sea
I hear it in the lush green fields
It whispers in the trees

This voice so still commands the night
as I look up and see
A million stars that seem to say
they shine there just for me

This voice can speak in every tongue 
without a single word
Through colours, shapes and endless light
There's nowhere its not heard

Nature watercolour prints, Annette Kelsey
Watercolour and poetry, Annette Kelsey


Take the time
to walk and feel
the earth
beneath your feet
Take the time
to look and see
the beauty 
in your street

No need to long
for foreign lands
to fill your 
thirsty soul
Simple treasures
can reside
just metres
from your home

Poetry and Watercolour, Annette Kelsey

If you'd like to enjoy more of the simplicity and beauty of Annette's art and poetry, you can visit her website www.annettekelsey.com. She sends out a weekly poem via email too.