How to Use Wall Art to Create a Wanderlust Mood in your Home or Workplace



n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Do you dream of travelling to exotic locations?

Perhaps an adventure in the Himalayan Mountains, a romantic trip to Paris or a relaxing holiday on a tropical island? Or maybe you have memories of special places you’ve visited that you’d like to remember more often. Many of us need to take a mental holiday often. What about taking inspiration from around the globe for your special place of escape?

Wanderlust may reflect a desire for self-development by experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, getting to know unfamiliar cultures. Use your imagination and allow yourself to dream freely as you create your perfect escape at home.

  • journey

  • voyage

  • wander

  • travel 

  • adventure

  • nomad

  • wayfaring

  • drifting

  • roaming

  • rambling

  • horizon

  • experience


Colour Palettes

Of course, depending on where in the world you are taking your inspiration from, your colour palette could be anything, however, here are some good starting points. 

  • For nature themes; earths, blues and greens. 

  • Exotic travel places can have bright mixed palettes.

  • Places steeped in history often have rich deep tones.


Wall Art Subject Ideas

for creating a sanctuary for wandering dreamers.

  • nature

  • mountains

  • beaches

  • cities

  • architectural details

  • nature details

  • cafes

  • food

  • street photography

  • landscapes

  • your holiday photos 


Wanderlust is about dreaming, adventure and new horizons.

Consider- gourmet foods, hand-crafted items from around the world and treasures from nature.

We can’t always be on vacation, but the planning and anticipation of the next one is half the fun. Enjoying memories from past ones is another joy so images of history historic paintings, etchings or photography are perfect.


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