How to Use Wall Art to Create a Energising Mood in your Home or Workplace

Fitness Art Wall Decor, Creating a Energising Mood, Breeze Pics


v. giving vitality and enthusiasm

Perhaps you need to make a special space to exercise, workout, dance or be productive in an active way.

You can craft just the right place by making giving it a positive revitalising energy.

  • lively

  • refreshing

  • active

  • stimulating

  • spirited

  • revitalizing

  • invigorating

  • restorative

  • vivacious

  • cheerful

  • bright

Ocean fine art photograph, home wall decor, Breeze Pics

Colour Palettes

Yellow, orange, green and blue are all suitable colours to create an energetic and refreshing atmosphere.

  • Yellow is joyful, energetic and uplifting while orange promotes excitement, energy and enthusiasm.

  • Blues are refreshing and great for productivity. 

  • Greens are fresh and cheerful.

Creating a energising mood, wall art, Bernadette Meyers

Wall Art Subject Ideas

Brighter colours work well here.

  • nature

  • nature details

  • landscapes

  • mountains

  • rainforests

  • beaches

  • birds

  • animals

  • bright colours

  • music

  • inspirational quotes

  • florals

Creating an energising mood in your home or workplace, Breeze Pics,

Celebrate the essence of life.

Allow the beauty of creation to energize you; whether it’s breathtaking ocean vistas, your favourite bird or the intricate detail of a fern frond.

Peace doesn’t equal flat or dull. Most people find it refreshing to spend time by the ocean or a waterfall. Even though the water is noisy and rushing, simply by being close to nature our souls are revitalized. Your sanctuary can be a place of positive energy and productivity, it doesn’t have to be a sleepy place.


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