How to Use Wall Art to Create a Nostalgic Mood in your Home or Workplace

Vintage Fine Art Wall Decor, Creating a Nostalgic Mood, Breeze Pics


adj. experiencing or exhibiting a sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time or situation.

Sometimes it is beautiful and refreshing to mentally escape back in time, to a time and place when the pace of life was slower.

To a time that we can idealise by only embracing the lovely parts while ignoring the hard work of the day. Perhaps it is delighting in memories or simply considering history.

  • sentimental

  • vintage

  • longing

  • yearning

  • classic

  • venerable

  • dreamy

  • idealistic

  • tender

  • touching

  • memories

Nostalgic Flowers, fine art photograph, home wall decor, Breeze Pics

Colour Palettes

Neutrals and earths or pink and purple.

  • Neutral colours are grounding and peaceful. 

  • Vintage subjects lend themselves to earth colours and natural tones which speak of the days before industrialisation.

  • Pink and pale shades of purple are feminine, romantic and nostalgic.

Creating a nostalgic mood, wall art, Bernadette Meyers

Wall Art Subject Ideas

starting with the past in mind:

  • history

  • florals

  • gardens

  • architecture

  • interiors

  • ephemera

  • travel

  • family photos

  • black and white photography

  • sepia photography

  • watercolour

  • etchings

  • books

  • portraits

  • poetry

Creating a nostalgic mood in your home or workplace, Breeze Pics,

Time is a gift.

This is a perfect place to enjoy your family heirlooms, vintage treasures, well-worn books, precious items collected from a special event or favourite portraits.

We only have the very moment we are living, but we can savour our memories and past times with gratitude by taking the time to remember special people, times and places. Creating a sanctuary space where we feel free to really slow down and even allow ourselves to dream a little about days gone by can give us a boost to get on with the reality of our daily life. 


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