Using Colour to Create Mood - Blue

Blue fine art nature photograph, home decor prints, Breeze pics

Blue is









Blue fine art photograph, limited edition wall art, Bernadette Meyers, Breeze Pics

“Blue has no dimensions,

it is beyond dimensions.” 

—Yves Klein

Light and warmer tones of blue are known to lower blood pressure and heart rate which makes them very relaxing colours to have around. Darker tones can evoke feelings of sadness.

Blue mood board, creating a sanctuary at home, Breeze Pics

Rooms —

good for the study, home office or anywhere you want to be more productive. Also great for bathrooms and especially relaxing in the bedroom. It is the least appetising colour, so not so good for dining rooms or kitchens.

Home Decor Styles —

Hamptons, Coastal, Contemporary, Shabby Chic.

Mood —

depending on the tone, it works for all the sanctuary moods. Brighter tones for Wanderlust and Creative, softer, pale tones for Serene and Nostalgic.

Sanctuary Tips —

a perfect colour for any sanctuary, just remember that darker tones can become depressing, so only use them as accents.

This is an excerpt from my free 58 page full colour guide Using Colour to Create Mood.