Using Colour to Create Mood - Grey

Grey fine art macro nature photograph, home decor prints, Breeze pics

Grey is







Grey fine art macro nature photograph, limited edition wall art, Bernadette Meyers, Breeze Pics

“I like the muted sounds,

the shroud of grey,

and the silence

that comes with fog.” 

—Om Malik

Grey is another versatile colour to use as a base and can also work successfully for the main room palette if the right tones and shades are chosen.

Grey mood board, creating a sanctuary at home, Breeze Pics

Rooms —

can be used in most rooms if you add some colour. Light, warm tones are peaceful and homely whereas dark and cooler tones can be depressing. 

Home Decor Styles —

popular for almost all styles except Boho and Rustic, but very dominant in Coastal, Hamptons, Contemporary, Industrial and Scandinavian.

Mood —

suited to Wanderlust, Creative, Serene and Nostalgic.

Sanctuary Tips —

an excellent peaceful, grounding colour, best used in the lighter, warmer tones for sanctuary spaces.

This is an excerpt from my free 58 page full colour guide Using Colour to Create Mood.