Using Colour to Create Mood - Orange

Orange fine art nature photograph, home decor prints, Breeze pics

Orange is








Orange fine art macro photograph, limited edition wall art, Bernadette Meyers, Breeze Pics

“The sky takes on

shades of orange during

sunrise and sunset,

the colour that gives you hope

that the sun will set

only to rise again.” 

—Ram Charan

Without the negative aspects of yellow, orange is another sunny colour with plenty of energy. 

Orange mood board, creating a sanctuary at home, Breeze Pics

Rooms —

it is known to keep people motivated, so good for learning and work environments. It’s contagious energy is also useful for the home gym or exercise room. Not a good choice for bedrooms.

Home Decor Styles —

Industrial, Contemporary, Boho, muted tones for Rustic.

Mood —

muted tones good for Wanderlust or Creative.

Sanctuary Tips —

bright or strong orange is not a great choice for a sanctuary because there is too much energy, however, muted tones can work well as accents with a neutral base.

This is an excerpt from my free 58 page full colour guide Using Colour to Create Mood.