Using Colour to Create Mood - Pink

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Pink is








Pink fine art macro photograph, limited edition wall art, Bernadette Meyers, Breeze Pics

“Pink is a beautiful colour,

because it is one of the colours

that the sun makes at

twilight and in the dawns.” 

C. JoyBell C

Pink is actually light red and a very gentle form of red.

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Rooms —

in terms of creating a mood, pink is a very safe colour to use. It is relaxing and reassuring so is popular in bedrooms and living areas.

Home Decor Styles —

soft tones for Shabby Chic, French Provincial and Traditional, brighter tones for Boho and Contemporary.

Mood —

good for all four moods; Wanderlust, Creative, Serene and Nostalgic.

Sanctuary Tips —

a very versatile, relaxing colour which is perfect for sanctuary spaces.

This is an excerpt from my free 58 page full colour guide Using Colour to Create Mood.