Using Colour to Create Mood - Yellow

Yellow fine art nature photograph, home decor prints, Breeze pics

Yellow is






Yellow fine art photograph, limited edition wall art, Bernadette Meyers, Breeze Pics

“Some painters

transform the sun

into a yellow spot,

others transform

a yellow spot

into the sun.” 

—Pablo Picasso

Yellow has a lot of energy which can have either a positive or negative effect in a room.

Yellow mood board, creating a sanctuary at home, Breeze Pics

Rooms —

it is a warm, friendly, colour which can be good for halls and entranceways to make the space feel welcoming. It increases metabolism so is often used in kitchens and dining rooms but it can also have negative effects such as to cause feelings of anger and frustration. It is not recommended for babies rooms as they tend to cry more in yellow spaces. 

Home Decor Styles —

stronger tones for Boho and Contemporary, very muted tones such as cream for Shabby Chic and lemon tones for accents in Scandinavian.

Mood —

brighter tones for Wanderlust, muted creams for Nostalgic and Serene.

Sanctuary Tips —

with so much energy, yellow is not recommended as the main colour for sanctuary spaces. Use as accents or muted.

This is an excerpt from my free 58 page full colour guide Using Colour to Create Mood.