A Guide to Art & Photography for the Bathroom

A guide to art and photography for the bathroom

Is your bathroom a place where you energize yourself at the start of each day or somewhere to relax and recharge at the end of a long day of work? Either way, you will want soothing artwork which is refreshing. Your colour palette may differ depending on your preference of mood. Think brighter, with more yellow and orange for an energetic mood and softer tones of blues, greens, whites and neutrals for the perfect home spa.

Take care to be sure framed artwork is properly sealed at the back so the moisture doesn’t creep in and damage the artwork. Stretched canvases, encaustic pieces and wooden panels are ideal for wet areas.

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Subject Ideas


reclining figures







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Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Bathroom: 


White - very fresh and clean, warmer whites and creams for a more relaxing mood and cooler, crisper tones for more energy.

Neutral - healing and peaceful.

Blue - Light and warm tones are serene and refreshing. 

Green - very cheerful, tranquil, fresh and healing.


Grey - cool or warm tones work in the bathroom.

Pink - good for a peaceful bathroom space.

Purple - light tones such as lilac and lavender are peaceful, relaxing and hopeful. Can work well in bathroom areas.

Earths - a safe choice, but there are more suitable options which are more refreshing.


Black - can create a luxurious mood but not very refreshing.

Yellow - not a good choice for the bathroom.

Orange - only suitable if you are a 3 minute shower person.

Red - too strong for the bathroom unless you only use it to shower and get out the door at 6am!

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