A Guide to Art & Photography for the Bedroom

A guide to art and photography for the bedroom

When choosing art for the bedroom, there are 2 major considerations. Firstly, the mood and secondly the space.

More than any other room in the home, the bedroom needs to be peaceful and restful. A real sanctuary to recharge every night. Simple images with soft flowing lines, organic shapes, gentle tones and low contrast will help achieve this.

The obvious space to hang a feature picture is above the bed and the area will be determined by whether or not you have a headboard. If not, you can afford to hang a larger artwork than if there is a headboard. It can look good to hang a series of 3 smaller pictures all within the space above the bed or one large one above the bed and a smaller one on either side above each bedside table. 

Children and teens can be encouraged to explore alternative art options to the typical commercial posters. They also might like travel photography, inspirational words, their own artwork or photographs of their friends. Most kids I’ve met and taught art over the years are quite passionate about their favourite artists and really enjoy the bright colours of Matisse or Georgia O’Keeffe’s giant flowers and of course their are universally loved artists like Van Gogh.

dawn fine art home decor print, Breeze Pics
flight limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers
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Subject Ideas


inspirational words






children’s artwork





art & photography for the bedroom, Bernadette Meyers

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Bedroom: 


White - warmer whites and creams for a more cozy and peaceful mood.

Grey - an excellent choice for a peaceful atmosphere, stick to warmer tones.

Neutral - perfect as they are peaceful and balanced.

Earths - healing and peaceful, great for sleeping areas.

Blue - Light and warm tones are calm and safe, darker tones can evoke feelings of sadness. 

Green - tranquil and healing, good for stress relief as it reminds us of nature.

Pink - loving, romantic and calming, perfect for the bedroom.

Purple - light tones such as lilac and lavender are peaceful, relaxing and sensitive. Great for sleeping areas.


Black - not the best option for bedrooms, too strong and can be depressing.

Yellow - has a lot of energy, not suitable for bedrooms - perhaps that’s why Van Gogh was so depressed!

Orange - is another colour which is too energetic for sleeping or relaxation spaces.

Red - the most energetic colour of all, definitely not a good choice for the bedroom.

Vintage limited edition fine art print, Breeze pics
Vintage limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers

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