A Guide to Art & Photography for the Dining Room

A guide to art and photography for the dining room.

A wonderful place to hang your favourite piece of artwork. How many hours do you spend sitting around the table, sharing meals and conversation? This is place to hang something you really love. Think of a piece which will bring joy to the entire family. It’s probably not the spot to hang obscure or controversial art that you have to explain to guests.

Whether it is a separate, formal dining room which you only use occasionally or whether it is the main family dining room will influence what you choose to hang there. 

If your home is open-plan and the dining room is an extension of the kitchen or living area, it is important to define the space by placing the artwork clearly within the confines of the dining room.

It’s a perfect place to hang paintings, art prints, photographs, etchings, family portraits or even decorative plates.

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gold lettering munich limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers
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Subject Ideas


inspirational words




still life




black and white photography

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Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Dining Room: 


White - Works well in any room. Cool, crisp whites for a clean, lively vibe, warmer whites and creams for a more cozy atmosphere.

Orange - is a happy, energetic colour without the negative effects of yellow which can work in dining areas.

Red - encourages appetite, so is a popular choice for dining rooms.

Pink - is a much gentler version of red and creates a more relaxing mood which is good for the dining room.

Purple - is a relaxing colour and its dark tones can be used for a formal dining space.

Grey - lighter tones can work well especially with a dash of colour to liven the mood.

Neutrals - are grounding and hospitable, good if you are entertaining guests often.

Earths - stimulate appetite so these tones are perfect for the kitchen.

Green - works anywhere with its cheerful freshness.


Yellow - is often used in dining areas because it known to increase metabolism, however, it can also cause feeling of anger and frustration.


Black - is suitable as an accent colour for a formal dining space, but not ideal for a family dining room.

Blue - is the least appetising colour, so not a good choice for dining rooms. 

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Munich art museum, limited edition fine art wall decor print, Bernadette Meyers

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