A Guide to Art & Photography for the Hallway

A guide to art and photography for the hallway

A very interesting and useful place to hang artwork, the hallway is another transitory space where people spend short amounts of time often.

Consider creating a feeling of moving through time or space. This may be achieved with family photographs, historic images, pictures of paths, journeys or far away places, both real and imaginary. 

There is another dimension to take into account when planning what to hang in a hallway, and that is the width of the hall and how far away from the pictures you will be. If it is a very narrow space, the artworks need to be small so you are able to get far enough away to appreciate them.

This is a perfect spot for a mini gallery or photo wall.

venice, Venezia, limited edition fine art photography, Breeze Pics
venice, venezia, gondole, limited edition photography, home decor print, Bernadette Meyers
gondolier, Venezia, limited edition home decor print, fine art photography, Bernadette Meyers

Subject Ideas

family portraits



city scenes






pages from picture books

small etchings




black and white photography

venice, venezia, fine art photography, limited edition home decor print, Bernadette Meyers

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Hallway: 


White - works well everywhere and will increase the feeling of space.

Black - can work in this space if the images are small on the wall and not too dominating.

Grey - is neutral and balanced, great in any area of transition.

Neutral - simple and hospitable - perfect for hallways.

Earths - you can’t go wrong with these in any space for peace, security and reliability. 

Blue - very good in hallways, safe and refreshing. 

Green - excellent as it reminds us of nature and journeys.

Orange - another good choice for entranceways with its energy and life.

Pink - gives feelings of joy and reassurance.

Purple - lilac and lavender are very nostalgic colours so will transport people back in time.

Yellow - can work well here because people don’t need to rest in the hall.


Red - is ok for hallways because they are areas of movement.

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venice gondoliers limited edition fine art home decor photography print, Breeze Pics

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