A Guide to Art & Photography for the Home Art Studio/Craft Room

A guide to art and photography for the art studio and craft room

It is not easy in our busy lives to carve out time and space to pursue our creativity whether it is a hobby or full time business. So it’s important that the space we work in is an inspiring and motivating place where you can step straight into your other world.

Even if you are an artist or photographer yourself and have plenty of your own to hang, its always inspiring to have the work of others on your walls.

black & white monochrome fine art photography, home decor print, Bernadette Meyers
monochrome fine art home decor photography, Breeze Pics, Bernadette Meyers
black & white fine art photography, home wall art, Breeze Pics

Subject Ideas



famous artworks




book pages/covers




black and white photography

small etchings


still life

Limited edition fine art photography, home decor print, Breeze Pics

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Art Studio or Craft Room: 


Earths - an excellent choice for any art or creative space due to its tendency to inspire creativity. 

Blue - another very good choice as it is focussed, productive and refreshing. 

Green - natural, fresh and cheerful, great for work spaces.

Orange - is know to keep people motivated, good for learning and work environments.

Pink - a good choice because it is joyful and creative.

Purple - a creative, spiritual and imaginative colour which works particularly well in creative work environments.


White - fresh and peaceful, cooler tones will provide a livelier mood, warmer tones are cozy.

Black - depending on your style of art, they mystery and power of black can work here.

Neutral - natural and balanced for a peaceful work space.


Grey - not an ideal choice for a work space due to its lack of energy.

Red - only if red is your creative colour, otherwise it is too strong and stimulating.

Yellow - best to avoid yellow as it can cause feelings of anger and frustration.

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