A Guide to Art & Photography for the Home Music Room

A guide to art and photography for the home music studio

Another wonderful creative sanctuary. Perhaps you have a dedicated room for music or only a small spot for a single instrument. Either way, you can enhance your productivity and increase your inspiration by placing suitable artwork in the space.

munich in winter limited edition fine art home decor print, Breeze Pics
München, Deutschland, limited edition fine art photography, Bernadette Meyers
München, Deutschland, Munich in winter limited edition fine art photography, wall decor print, Bernadette Meyers

Subject Ideas

musical instruments






famous artworks




vinyl record covers



black and white photography

small etchings

munich in winter, limited edition photograph, home decor, Breeze Pics

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Music Room: 


White - always a safe choice, fresh and peaceful. Cooler tones will provide a livelier mood, warmer tones are cozy.

Black - powerful and mysterious, can work well in this room if used carefully.

Neutral - peaceful, healing and balanced, great for a music/work space.

Earths - grounding, strong and creative, an excellent choice for the music room.

Blue - perfect for a music room with its tendency to produce a focussed, productive and refreshing mood. 

Green - natural, fresh and cheerful, great for work and creative spaces.

Orange - an excellent choice to motivate, good for learning and work environments.

Pink - calming, creative and joyful, a great choice for a music room.

Purple - light and dark tones work well in this space, it is intuitive, imaginative, creative and spiritual.


Grey - neutral and steady although lacks energy.

Red - depending on your style of music, the energy and intensity of red could be perfect.


Yellow - best to avoid yellow as it can cause feelings of anger and frustration.

meeting of the nations limited edition fine art photography, home decor print, Bernadette Meyers
Munich in winter limited edition home decor photography, Bernadette Meyers

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