A Guide to Art & Photography for the Kitchen

A guide to art and photography for the kitchen.

We spend so much time in the kitchen, it is important to make it a happy, inspiring place to live in! It can often be busy and crowded with appliances and perhaps without a lot of wall space because the cabinets take up the room. 

If you kitchen is cluttered, you will need something quite strong and bold so it doesn’t get lost. Simple images with a single subject or bright colours will draw attention.

Perhaps food is a major focus for your family so hanging images of tasty looking food or framed heirloom recipes will work well. Some kitchen spaces are clean and minimalist which allows for plenty of choice in terms of pictures because they aren’t fighting for attention. Imagery of kitchen utensils, ingredients, food plants, vintage advertising posters and even inspirational word art are all excellent choices.

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Subject Ideas

food photography

inspirational words


kitchen utensils


food plants

still life


vintage advertising posters

black and white photography

wooden victorian kitchen utensils, limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Kitchen: 


White - Works well in any room. Cool, crisp whites for a clean, lively vibe, warmer whites and creams for a more cozy atmosphere.

Neutrals - are hospitable, so work well in the kitchen.

Earths - stimulate appetite so these tones are perfect for the kitchen.

Green - it’s freshness and tranquility work in just about any room.

Red - encourages appetite, so is good for the kitchen.


Grey - is very versatile and is best used in lighter tones for a peaceful atmosphere.

Yellow - is popular in kitchens because it increases metabolism, however, be aware that it can also cause feeling of anger and frustration.

Orange - is an energetic colour which can work in the kitchen, without the negative effects of yellow.

Black - can be used as an accent colour and is versatile for a traditional, contemporary or elegant look.


Pink - is safe to use here, but feel free to choose a bright version to add a bit of energy.

Purple - another restful colour which is usually preferred in living areas or bedrooms.

Blue - is the least appetising colour, so not a good choice for kitchens. 

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