A Guide to Art & Photography for the Laundry

A guide to art and photography for the laundry

Why hang art in the laundry of all places? Well, because ‘washing machine time’ is a bit like ‘Fiji time’. Do you have one of those machines with a timer that doesn’t actually count down in real minutes? So you think you only have 3 minutes left but really it’s 6? You spend quite a lot of time in the laundry, so it may as well be a beautiful and inspiring place. Why not hang refreshing rainforest or ocean scenes, intimate florals or ferns, dreamy Paris streets or comical Meer-cats? Make it a place you enjoy working in.

I have love of visiting ancient castles and historic houses and while I’m there, often photograph the kitchen and laundry spaces. There is something peaceful about the simplicity of material and colour palette. Everything is made from stone, wood, metal, glass and cloth. These nostalgic images of wicker baskets, wooden clothes pegs, white linen and enamelled jugs make perfect laundry room pictures.

abstract fungi details, limited edition fine art home decor print, Bernadette Meyers
abstract autumn fungi study, limited edition home wall print, fine art photography, Breeze Pics
abstract fungi study, limited edition fine art macro photography, home decor print, Bernadette Meyers

Subject Ideas







still life


vintage signs 



black and white photography

kitchen detail, fine art macro photography, home wall art, Breeze Pics

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Laundry: 


White - fresh and clean, cooler tones will provide a livelier mood, cream for a cozy feel.

Earths - wholesome and healing, good for all work rooms. 

Blue - a very good choice as it is focussed, productive and refreshing. 

Green - natural, fresh and healing, excellent for the laundry.

Orange - always a good colour for work spaces, energetic, happy, enthusiastic.

Pink - creative, calming and joyful, a great choice.

Purple - relaxing and creative, an easy colour to use in work environments.


Black - can work here for a bold look.

Grey - balanced and steady, but lacks energy which is desirable for a work room.

Neutral - natural and hospitable, not very energetic, can be suitable especially if you don’t actually perform a lot of tasks here.

Red - is a very powerful colour, intense and stimulating, ok for this room if you don’t need to spend hours ironing or folding laundry here.


Yellow - if you don’t spend a lot of time in this room, yellow can work, it has plenty of energy.

victorian laundry pails limited edition macro photography print, Breeze Pics
vintage linen limited edition fine art photography, home wall art, Bernadette Meyers

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