A Guide to Art & Photography for the Home Office/Study

A guide to art and photography for the office.

Whether you have a dedicated room that you use to work from home full time, or a little study nook for occasional weekend and evening work you can maximise your productivity feeling of happiness by the art have to look at. Studies show that we concentrate better surrounded by nature, so if you don’t have a view of the natural world through a window, starting with nature as a subject for your wall art is a great idea.

Certain colours such as neutrals, blue, orange, pink and purple are known to promote creativity and motivation so look for artworks which use those.

We all want to be more inspired and motivated while less stressed in our work environment. Go for images with gentle, uplifting lines, happy colours, lighter tones and positive themes. Nature based art and photography is no-fail choice here. 

sainte chapelle gold fleur de lys limited edition fine art home decor print, Breeze Pics
sainte chapelle gold fleur de lys limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers
sainte chapelle pattern details limited edition fine art print, Breeze Pics

Subject Ideas





book pages/covers



black and white photography

inspirational words





lago bianco limited edition fine art print, Bernadette Meyers

Colour palette options to consider for artwork for the Home Office/Study: 


Earths - inspire creativity so excellent for office or study areas. 

Blue - a very good choice as it is focussed, productive and refreshing. 

Green - natural, fresh and cheerful, great for the home office.

Orange - is know to keep people motivated, good for learning and work environments.

Pink - a good choice because it is joyful and creative.

Purple - a creative, spiritual and imaginative colour which works particularly well in creative work environments.


White - cooler tones will provide a livelier mood.

Black - can work in the home office if you want a powerful, formal or luxurious feel.

Neutral - peaceful and grounding, can work depending on the purpose of your home office.


Grey - steady and sophisticated, but lacks energy.

Red - If you have a very energetic, high powered job, red might be just the colour you need.

Yellow - best to avoid yellow as it can cause feelings of anger and frustration.

sunlit peaks limited edition fine art wall decor, Bernadette Meyers
bernina pass glacier, limited edition fine art wall decor print, Bernadette Meyers

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