Miss Potter’s Garden

Most of the photos in this collection were taken at Hilltop Farm, the former home of Beatrix Potter. I admire this artist not only for her quirky children’s stories with incredibly real character illustrations, but for her guts as a woman of her day. She was also a dedicated naturalist with a particular interest in fungi.

I actually spotted the little red robin in the garden and he landed on the handle of the shovel for a moment, but not long enough for me to take a photograph - cheeky little thing! It was quite amazing to be in that space, breathing in the moist air, with the rustic terracotta pots, the old wheel barrow and watering can. Obviously, not her originals, but faithful replicas still in use each day. However, they were her actual garden clogs and straw hat sitting on the wicker chair in the house.

The light in England is much softer than Australia, the colours are muted, there is far less contrast and everything seems generally more serene. The Australian landscape is so big, dramatic and intense. Our summers are hot, our storms are fierce. I found the British landscape and climate the opposite, very gentle, quiet and understated.

Limited edition giclee prints are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag, 100% cotton fine art, archival, acid free paper. Images are offered in 3 sizes and editions are limited to 50 prints altogether of any single artwork. I check each print carefully, number, sign it and wrap it in acid free tissue before delivery.