Poppy Seedpods

Poppies are known around the world for their different symbolic meanings including; restful sleep, remembrance, messages delivered in dreams, beauty, extravagance, resurrection and eternal life. 

They are truly beautiful flowers especially when the light shines their transparent petals. I find their seedpods just as attractive as the flowers and tried for many years to grow the right flowers to harvest the pods or buy the pods. However, in Australia, they are impossible to come by for legal reasons. When I was visiting the flower markets in Amsterdam, I saw a bunch of seedpods for sale and simply had to buy them then and there. I should have first considered how impractical it was going to be to carry such a delicate prize around the canals for the rest of the day, along with my heavy camera and long lens................ I took them back to England and photographed them with my macro lens but had to bequeath them to a special friend before returning to Australia. 

The pods have the most beautiful, understated forms and textures. It is hard to imagine that the contents of the capsule contains hundreds of tiny seeds capable of producing such showy blooms. I have made this collection in both colour and black and white.

Limited edition giclee prints are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag, 100% cotton fine art, archival, acid free paper. Images are offered in 3 sizes and editions are limited to 50 prints altogether of any single artwork. I check each print carefully, number, sign it and wrap it in acid free tissue before delivery.