Venice Canals

Despite the seemingly endless crowds of Venice, there is a peacefulness about the city which always attracts me. I feel transported back to a time before the Industrial Revolution. It must be a combination of the lack of cars, ancient buildings and watery streets. No wonder musicians like Mendelssohn and Vivaldi and artists such as Monet, Whistler and Turner were enamoured by the fairytale city. 

It doesn’t really matter how many artists and photographers have captured a place before, there is still a need to feel the place and capture it in a unique way. These photos were taken during the middle of winter when the light was soft and gentle.

This collection looks at canals and bridges as well as details of the beautifully crafted and well cared for gondolas. It was quite windy most of the time I visited, although I managed to find a couple of sheltered spots with glassy reflections. I was determined to find the gondola repair workshop, which we finally did, just before dark one evening, after wandering lost for quite some time.

Limited edition giclee prints are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag, 100% cotton fine art, archival, acid free paper. Images are offered in 3 sizes and editions are limited to 50 prints altogether of any single artwork. I check each print carefully, number, sign it and wrap it in acid free tissue before delivery.