These sand dunes are just a couple of hours north of Sydney. They are easily accessible by foot, yet they are practically deserted. There is a 4WD bus that takes tourists out to a spot where they can slide down the dunes, but few people seem to appreciate the incredible beauty right within reach.

I’m still processing the whole experience of being in that special place. It is like a metaphor for our life. The sand itself is only beautiful because of how the light falls on it and how it has allowed the wind to shape it. It’s all about the light and shadows, the ripples and patterns. They are ever-changing and the patterns are more beautifully designed than any artist could dream up. In one way it’s fragile, yet in another way it is resilient and able to re-form after each storm or battering. The imprints of those who have traveled there are evident - it’s a very busy place at night with all sorts of animal, bird and insect tracks.

Limited edition giclee prints are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag, 100% cotton fine art, archival, acid free paper. Images are offered in 3 sizes and editions are limited to 50 prints altogether of any single artwork. I check each print carefully, number, sign it and wrap it in acid free tissue before delivery.


Eucalyptus Kitchen Mockup Limited Edition Fine Art Limited Edition Print, Breeze Pics