Alpine Textures

Snow is foreign to me, even after living in the UK for 4 years and much travelling in Europe. It is not something that is part of my DNA growing up in sunny Sydney. It forces me to look twice. I’m fascinated by snow and what it does to the landscape on a macro and micro level. 

There are so many aspects of it which fascinate me. It reveals texture and makes even the ugly appear beautiful. I’m amazed that there is growth even through snow. I’m transfixed by the way the light falls on it when the sun is shining.

This collection shows the texture of snow on a mountainside, skier’s trails, soft windswept blankets, and details of winter grasses and leaves.


Glacier Trails


New Year’s Day 2017, I woke in Switzerland, expecting freezing weather and snowfalls. Instead, it was actually sunny and quite warm. There had been no snow for about three weeks. At first, we were a little disappointed not to see the typical picture postcard scenes of snow covered trees. However, it turned out to be to our advantage as we were able to enjoy the most glorious, sunny walks in the glacier region.

The limited palette of blue, white, grey and spruce green, helped to focus my attention on the variety of textures revealed by the snow and ice. The alpine region is truly breath-taking and awe inspiring in it’s scale and grandeur. And there is something really special about sunlight glistening on snow.