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I have been teaching art and photography since 1995 to people of all ages and abilities from individual classes to large conference gatherings and everything in between. It is my passion to see people develop their gifts in art and to enjoy the process of creating. I believe that everyone has the potential to express themselves artistically and that it requires nurture, practice and patience on the part of both the teacher and student. I've had the privilege of working with elderly folk in their late 80's who discovered for the first time that they were able to paint and draw, with preschoolers who always rise to the occasion when presented with real art materials and a studio etching press and with a young lady who continues to astound me with her ability to defy her genetic diagnosis. Age and ability are no barrier to creating and enjoying art.

My method is not one of using formulas and step by step instructions to replicate images. I prefer to draw out the unique thoughts, ideas and dreams of each individual and teach them the process of developing those themes into original artworks.

Upcoming workshop - Sydney 7th September 2019


Join me on the 1st Tuesday of every month for an inspiring, social morning of art, photography and creativity on Sydney's northern beaches.

Join me on the 1st Tuesday of every month for an inspiring, social morning of art, photography and creativity on Sydney's northern beaches.

If you would like to come along on Tuesdays, please sign up HERE and you will be notified of the details of each month's meeting. This is not a general or promotional newsletter, it is purely for the purposes of this meeting.

What to expect:

  • A place to explore and experiment with art and photography.

  • Somewhere to develop art practice through research, journalling, photography, sketching, developing ideas.

  • To work through the creative process.

  • Use photography as an art medium.

  • Make connections between photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, nature, literature, music and other art forms.

  • Somewhere to interact with other artists and photographers and share ideas and inspiration.

  • An active outdoor group where you will visit interesting locations to photograph.

  • A hands on time of productive art making.

  • A DSLR is useful but not essential for this group, however, you are welcome and can participate well with a phone camera.

What this group is not:

  • Not about F stops and shutter speeds, although those will be discussed when relevant to creating particular images.

  • A coffee and chat time - although there will be plenty of chatting and you are welcome to buy a coffee on the way.

  • It is not an instructional class on technique.

  • I offer workshops and courses in art and photography. If you are interested, please let me know. Minimum of 3 participants to run a class.

  • Manual Mode in a Day

  • Photography Basics

  • Intermediate Photography

  • Photography for Artists

  • How to Photograph Artwork

  • Macro Photography

  • Photography and Design

  • Nature Photography

  • Still Life Photography

  • Dance Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Introduction to Lightroom CC

  • Introduction to Photoshop CC

  • Lightroom and Photoshop for Fine Art Photography

  • Photoshop for Graphic Design

  • Compositing in Photoshop

art and photography group


  • The Creative Process

  • Art Journalling

  • Watercolour

  • Drawing

  • Life Drawing

  • Soft Pastels

  • Coloured Pencil Technique

  • Photopolymer Intaglio Printmaking

  • Photopolymer Relief Printmaking

  • Elements of Design

  • Principals of Arrangement

  • Colour Theory

  • Artist Books

  • Collage

  • Mixed Media

  • Perspective

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